QINAO Philosophy

Since 2012 QINAO LLC has been a leading real estate investments company specializing in residential multifamily acquisitions. As a smaller personable company, we focus our acquisitions on undervalued multifamily properties in select high growth markets in the Southeast region of United States with concentration on Georgia, Alabama and Florida.  Through our research driven approach, we seek out properties in economic growth markets with a significant value-add component in diverse socioeconomic demographic locations.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the best quality housing accommodations with the most desired amenities and comforts in every market in which we invest, to this end, “Quitting Is Not An Option” hence the name of our company - QINAO.  Experience has proven when we make our primary investment people over property that both are better off because it, the people that call our properties home are happier and stay longer and our properties appreciate and add value to the community.

Investing in properties you'd be proud to call home!


The QINAO Team

Our team of real estate experts possesses decades of experience, keen market insights, and steadfast determination. The depth of our expertise has proven to be a significant advantage in identifying opportunities and generating attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Our commitment: SATISFY our Residents while MINIMIZING RISK!


Our disciplined approach is guided by our commitment to our residents and investors. We strive to align our investors with opportunities that will support their goals of achieving generational wealth while creating a comfortable, safe and peaceful environment.

Interested in partnering with us in one or more of the upcoming multifamily acquisitions in the works or you seek a new place to call home, please click the "CONTACT US" button below or call us directly at (770)282-2100.